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Who I Can Help

Psychosexual Therapy

Very often women accept 'sex' is something they used to do when I strongly believe we deserve to enjoy pleasure and to be pleasured. I specialise in researching and treating all things relating to the Yoni including but not exclusive too the menstrual cycle, menopause, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, sexual; abuse, trauma & addressing how our experiences can influence how you feel & the effect on your sexual relationships. Over the weeks I help you work through the past, release what needs to be let go, accept and comfortably contain so you find find the sexual being you so deserve to be.


Presenting Issues Include:

Pain on Penetration/

 Pelvic Floor Issues/ Low Desire/ Finding Your Sexual Self/ Menopause & Sex/ Sex Post Partum/

Orgasm Difficulties/ Sexual Abuse/ Trauma

Couples Counselling

If the relationship has got too 'hot' for all the wrong reasons Couples Counselling can help. Many couples in therapy feel unheard, misunderstood or simply fight, flight or freeze. You may well be talking but its like you are speaking different languages. With commitment, engagement & effort we look to resolve the conflicts, improving communication & connection. 


Presenting Issues Include:

Couples Counselling/ Rebuilding After An Affair

Intimacy Coaching

Many people will come up against challenges in their sex lives & relationships, but many people will find talking about sex difficult. Sex should be pleasurable, the experience embraced positivity. 

Intimacy coaching allows exploration, an opportunity to connect with what we like, learning to express to our partner/s & reconnect. Bring the love & we add some spice.

Presenting Issues Include:

Desire Differences/ Sex and Disabilities /

Increasing Passion & Pleasure

My Approach

My Approach

I am clinically trained but intuitively led. What I mean by this, I have completed specialist therapy training in Clinical Sexology, I also hold a Masters in Exercise Medicine in the field of Psychology, I am a qualified NLP (Neuro- linguistic) Practitioner BUT I have obtained various holistic therapy certificates and diplomas.  I love the holistic world, the weird, the woo woo, the magical.

As Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy is very intimate and for many clients the first time they have spoken so openly about ‘sex’ I like to offer the free 30-minute consultation which allows us both to explore your presenting issue/s. Together we can formulate and decide what interventions, styles of therapy to begin with.

In the first sessions, we will talk to gain a full picture of your current concerns and circumstances, and any related factors and history to help assist our understanding of where you are today.  


You may be asked to complete one or more questionnaires to assess your situation. Together we devise the plan that sits most comfortably with you. There will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Periodically we will review the therapy goals to assess your progress and experience. We adjust at that point; should it be required.

For me, the relationship is at the centre of the work that is done & I aim to be non-judgemental, empathic, and as honest as possible. My work is very rewarding, I get to see clients release and shift ‘heavy stuff’ quickly.

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