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MJ The Sex Therapist

Michelle Jermy, Clinical Sexologist/Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, I help women want sex and couples reconnect through intimacy.


What is a Psychosexual Therapist/Clinical Sexologist?

A Psychosexual Therapist has a strong foundation in psychology, medicine, or psychotherapy we then research deeper on sexuality (usually a two-year programme). During training we have to demonstrate working with sexual function problems, compulsive sexual behaviours, sexual health, sexual offending, sexual abuse and working with trauma and shame.


We then choose to specialise. I specialised in researching and treating the effects of fertility issues, pregnancy, childbirth, peri-menopause, menopause, surgery, trauma, & addressing how these experiences can influence how you feel & the effect on your sexual relationships.

Where I may differ, though I am clinically trained I am intuitively led. What I mean by this, I have completed specialist therapy training in Clinical Sexology, I also hold a Masters in Exercise Medicine in the field of Psychology, I am a qualified NLP (Neuro- linguistic) Practitioner BUT I have obtained various holistic therapy certificates and diplomas. - I love the holistic world, the weird, the woo woo, the magical. There is some 'stuff' we can't measure or resolve from a textbook and need to look at the whole being and the impact and do something different.


My passion is to normalise the subject of sex and I look forward to supporting and becoming a voice for those who currently struggle with the biomedical and or psychological issues surrounding this topic. 


We really don’t talk about it enough or feel we can’t talk about it. So many women have had negative experiences when they have pursued help for such a sensitive subject that should be regarded like other bodily functional issues & disorders. Sexual enjoyment for women is still a relatively new concept.


My ice breaker when people find out what I do; ‘Though it may sound like I know every sex position, I could guarantee there is little 'practical' as a Psychosexual Therapist it’s all talk, no action’.


 I do not get to reinact scenes from Couples Retreat or Meet The Frockers, OK only some times but always clothed!